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My name is Linda Petrone and I have over 35 years experience with training and rehabilitating dogs. I’ve owned and operated an obedience school called 'Ruff Around the Edges' for over ten years but now specialize in private, in-home lessons.

Some of the behavioral issues I have dealt with include, but are not limited to: separation anxiety, aggression/dominance issues, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorders. In addition to dealing with behavioral issues, I also perform in-home obedience training for dogs over 6 months old, as well as a one-time puppy lesson for those under 6 months.

What I do encompasses so much more than obedience training. I work with people and the unique relationship that they have with their dog. In order to have a balanced relationship with your dog (or even with a human!), you need two basic things: trust and respect.

Most people, who are having issues with their dog, typically have an imbalance. Trust but no respect, causes a dog to take over the house and challenge the owner by exhibiting dominant behaviors. Respect but no trust, can produce a fearful, anxious dog who can lash out with a growl, or when pushed too far, even a bite. I help my clients to restore the balance in their relationship with their dog.

I’ve worked in the past with the Readington Police Department’s canine division, and continue to perform consultations for several veterinarians throughout New Jersey. I also do telephone consultations with clients country-wide.

Please contact me today and start enjoying your dog more!

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